4th International School Principals Conference

30 May – 1 June 2024, Istanbul


Main Theme

Empowering Educators and School Leaders with AI


Remaining time for paper submission

 Remaining time for ISPC2024

Oral Presentations

Oral presentation involves summarizing the key findings and significance of your research paper in a clear and concise manner to an audience of peers and experts in your field.


Workshop is an interactive session that provides participants with an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, skill development, or collaborative problem-solving related to a specific topic or theme.

Inspiring Practices

Inspiring practices presentation typically refers to a session or talk within a conference or event where individuals or organizations share innovative or exemplary practices that have had a positive impact in a particular field or school.


In order to attend all sessions as a listener during the conference, except for the workshops and roundtables, it is sufficient to apply for a listener. There are no restrictions on listener applications and it is free. The daily participation fee must be paid in order to issue a participation certificate.

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